Goals 2019

Solve the housing problem

The TU/e has grown a lot during the past years. However, the available housing in the city has not grown along at the same pace. This means that it has become increasingly hard to find a home in the city. A group that especially has difficulties currently are international students. This year plenty of internationals could not find a place to live during their first months of study, meaning that they had to stay illegally or rent expensive hotels. We want the TU/e to take their responsibility on ensuring a reasonable living situation for its students, for instance by securing more contracts with housing suppliers.

Improved overview of study places and services

There are quite a lot of study places spread out throughout the university campus. However, students do not have a clear overview of where these study places are, or for example where they can still study late during the evening. The same problem goes for services. It is very hard to find a good overview of the rights and possibilities a student has. As ESR, we wish to improve the information supply to students so that they can enjoy these benefits to the fullest extent.

Improve the quality of coaching

Currently every student receives coaching in a number of ways, for example through teacher coaches. However, these teachers do not receive any training on how to better guide students with their choices or questions. We believe that investing in the quality of coaching will lead to students making better choices during their study programs.