More Student Psychologists

Students are increasingly under academic pressure. Since student well-being is an important issue to us, we made sure that more student psychologists were appointed, leading to shorter waiting times for students.

Financial aid for student boards

The amount of financial support that the TU/e provided to students was one of the lowest in the Netherlands. We made sure that the financial aid that students in a student board receive increased.

More Bike Stalls

Our university has grown a lot during recent years. Since our campus was becoming increasingly crowded while we want to promote a sustainable campus, we made sure that more bike stalls were placed on campus.

Investments in video lectures

Video lectures can be a valuable addition to the regular classroom. Students have the possibility to rewatch difficult lectures or to watch lectures that they had to miss earlier. During the coming years investments will be made in video lectures for courses, regardless of the size of the course.

Tuition fee in 10 terms

As ESR, we made sure that the tuition fee for students can now be paid in 10 terms, instead of in 5. This makes it easier for students to manage their finances by having more regular expenditures.