Eindhovense Studentenraad (ESR) is one of the student fractions in the University Council of the TU/e. We strive towards representation of all students, regardless of study phase, nationality or being active at a specific type of association. Also we aim for achieving small-scale education of the highest quality for all students.
Core Values
Small-Scale Education We believe that small-scale education will lead to the best educational results. Project groups should stay at a reasonably small size, and there should be sufficient staff available to help students during their...
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Goals 2019
Solve the housing problem The TU/e has grown a lot during the past years. However, the available housing in the city has not grown along at the same pace. This means that it has become...
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More Student Psychologists Students are increasingly under academic pressure. Since student well-being is an important issue to us, we made sure that more student psychologists were appointed, leading to shorter waiting times for students. Financial...
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